ECE 3656, Mobile and Wireless Networking

Winter 2003

The class meets Monday and Wednesday from 11:40am to 1:20pm in room Robinson 109


        Stefano Basagni
        Office: Dana 312
        Office hours: TBD
        Telephone: 617 373 3061

Textbook:(1) Wireless and Mobile Network Architectures, Yi-Bing Lin and Imrich Chlamtac, John Wiley and Sons, 2001. (2) Notes from the instructor.

Course Objectives: To introduce to the fundamental techniques and protocols of the two main wireless networks architectures, namely cellular networks (second generation and emerging third generation systems) and ad hoc networks. The course examines the characterizing aspects of these wireless architectures and introduces to related problems and solutions.

Topics: Mobile Ad Hoc Networks: MAC layer solutions, multipoint communication protocols (routing, multicast, broadcast), clustering protocols. Enabling Technologies: Bluetooth and IEEE 802.11. Cellular systems: mobility management and signaling within mobile networks, common air interfaces. IS-41, GSM and wireless data networking (CDPD).

Evaluation: There will be homework and one project which will be the final exam.

Final = Project: Performance evaluation of network layer protocols for all mobile networks (ad hoc networks). You will be required to write a simulator for evaluating the performance of protocols for setting up or implementing multipoint communication in ad hoc networks. The project will span the whole term and and should be carried out in small teams. You will be required to produce a ``poster'' and "discuss/defend" it for your final.

For starting the project you might find useful these C++ files.

Grades: Homework: 30%. Final/Project: 70%.

Student Responsibilities: Homework are due in class on the specified date. Turn in what is completed by the deadline for partial credits. No late submission will be accepted. ("No shows" will obtain 0 points.) If k is the total number of homework assigned, at least h >= k/2 of the homework have to be turned in for passing the class with more than a B.

Only homework returned on a letter-size envelope will be accepted. Take care of print on the envelope the class name (ECE 1320) and your name.

All submissions must be your own work. Identical, or semi-identical assignments will not be accepted.

Class attendance is responsibility of each individual. If a student should elect not to attend a class, s/he is responsible for any handouts, announcements, reading material and content of missed lecture.

Scholastic dishonesty (e.g., cheating, plagiarism, collusion, record falsification, etc.) will be punished according to NU policies and standards.

Download the syllabus in Portable Document Format (PDF)( ).


1. Mon Jan 6 2003: Introduction to ECE 3656. Architectures and Wireless Medium Access Control (Wireless MAC).
Assignments: Read till page v of the MAC handout.

2. Wed Jan 8 2003: Simulating ad hoc networks.
Assignments: "Play around" with the C++ code handed out in class and downloadable from this web page.

3. Mon Jan 13 2003: Wireless Issues. Fundamental wireless MAC protocols.
Assignments: Read till page ix of the MAC handout.

4. Wed Jan 15 2003: Wireless MAC protocols for ad hoc newtworks.
Assignments: Read till page xvii of the MAC handout.

Mon Jan 20 2003: Holiday.

5. Wed Jan 22 2003: Wireless ad hoc MAC: Allocation protocols. Routing for ad hoc networks.
Assignments: Read till page xix of the MAC handout. Read the slides on routing.
Homework: Download homework 1. Homework are due in class and via e-mail on Wed Feb 5 2003.

6. Mon Jan 27 2003: Routing for ad hoc networks: Proactive and Reactive solutions. Routing research issues.
Assignments: Read the slides on routing.

7. Wed Jan 29 2003: Routing for ad hoc networks: Geographically-enabled solutions.
Assignments: Read the slides on GPS-enabled routing.

8. Mon Feb 3 2003: Clustering for ad hoc networks: Hierarchical routing.
Assignments: Read the slides on Cluster-based multipoint communications.

9. Wed Feb 5 2003: Ad hoc network management solutions.
Assignments: Read the slides on network management solutions for ad hoc networks.

10. Mon Feb 10 2003: Ad hoc network security.
Assignments: Read the slides on ad hoc network security.

11. Wed Feb 12 2003: Bluetooth 101.

12. Mon Feb 17 2003: Bluetooth scatternet formation.
Assignments: Read the slides on scatternet formation.

13. Wed Feb 19 2003: More on scatternet formation.

14. Mon Feb 24 2003: An Introduction on Why and How to Write Proposals. The talk will be given by Dr. Horst Wittmann, of the NU Division of Research and Development.

15. Wed Feb 26 2003: Final remarks on scatternet formation. Cellular networking 101.
Assignments: Read the first chapter of the textbook.

16. Mon Mar 3 2003: Mobility management in cellular networks: Handoff and roaming.

17. Wed Mar 5 2003: More on roaming. GSM 101.

18. Wed Mar 12 2003, from 8:30am to 11:30am: FINAL. Discussion of the projects (in the ECE conference room, DANA building, 4th floor).

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