EECE2150 --- Circuits and Signals --- Fall 2023

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Prof. DiMarzio Office Hours: 11-12 Mon, and 10-11 Wed.

Office hours with TAs M-F 6:00pm to 8:00pm

Tutoring by Eta Kappa Nu is available for this course. Eta Kappa Nu (HKN) is the honor society for ECE students. The tutors are students who have taken the course in the past few years.

For Matlab help contact the Mathworks TA, TBD or send email to

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Slides1 --- labs/manuals/Quick_Guide_to_using_Lab_Equipment.pdf --- labs/Lab1_protoboards_9-23.pdf
--- labs/Lab1_protoboards_9-23b.pdf
Slides2 --- labs/Lab2_KVL_KCL-9-23.pdf --- labs/Lab3_Intro_to_LTSpice_9-21.pdf
Slides 3 --- lab4-Frequency-Basics_9-21.pdf
Slides 4 --- labs/Lab5_Thevenin_9-21.pdf
Slides 5 --- labs/Lab6_MATLABSinusoids-9-21.pdf --- labs/Lab7_Basic_Op-Amp-9-21.pdf
Slides6 --- Slides6sp (Class Exercises) --- labs/Lab8_ADC_and_sampling-9-21.pdf --- HW6 Non ME
Slides7 --- labs/Lab9_RC_CircuitsTimeFreq-9-21.pdf
Slides8 --- labs/Lab10_OpAmpFilterLTSpiceDesign-9-21.pdf --- labs/Lab11_OpAmpFilterBuild-9-21.pdf
Slides9 ---labs/Lab12_FreqContentAudioSignal_9-21.pdf
Slides10 --- labs/Lab13_FrequencyComponentsFFTFiltering9-21.pdf --- labs/Lab14_ECG1De_9-21.pdf --- LowpassSquareWaveFilteringLab_class.m --- Lab13CodeDescription.pptx
Slides11 --- CirSigBiopotentials_2021.pdf --- ecgstuff.m

Announcements (Updated 9 November 2023)

(9 ONov 2023) Here's a Fourier Transform quiz that might be useful.

(7 Nov 2023) Here is last year's final exam for practice. You can also view the solutions. You can also look at practice3.pdf for more problems, but it is old and the first one is a better example of what to expect this year.

(15 Oct 2023) There is a correction to HW6. Problem 9 should have a ``pi'' in the exponent. Clear your cache and downlaod again for the corrected file. HW6 with revisions in red. Thanks to a very alert student for catching this.

(9 Oct 2023) Homework 6 is a non-ME assignment. Download it; HW6, and submit a .pdf of your answers to Canvas.

(5 October 2023) The final exam is scheduled for Tuesday, 12 December from 10:30 to 12:30. The location has not been announced.

(27 Sep 2023) Quiz solutions are posted above.

(19 Sep 2023) I have updated the due dates for HW1 to tomorrow night and HW2 to Sunday night to allow everyone to catch up after the problems getting started with Mastering Engineering.

(12 Sep 2023) We are making progress. For some reason the homework assignments disappeared. I have gotten them back again, and one student has confirmed being able to see HW1. Obviously, I'll adjust the due date, probably to next Monday. I suspect there may still be problems for some students. If so, please email me at dimarzio at and not through Canvas. This semester has been a bit rougher than prior ones, but I think we are getting close to success.

(12 Sep 2023) It appears that the Mastering Engineering homework is missing. I'm contacting Pearson for help. We'll delay submission of HW1 until the problem is resolved.

(8 Sep 2023) Two notes today: (1) I have made some changes to the Pearson/Canvas collection and as of last night, five students have worked on HW0, the introduction to Mastering Engineering and their scores have been transferred to the Canvas gradebook. I believe that everything is right on my end. (2) We are working on updating the labs. I've added some new files to the labs webpage under the main page, and updated the links from the main page. Specifically, Labs 1 and 2 are updated. There are two versions of Lab 1, the first of which contains some instructions about buying a lab notebook, etc., and the second of which shows how to use the new test equipment. I've also updated the quick guide to using lab equipment, with the latest equipment. I've also added manuals for the new equipment to the manuals page. These filenames begin with EDU instead of Agilent. I've kept the old files for lab1 and lab2 and the manuals for reference, but I'll remove them soon. Thanks to my colleagues. Please note that the results from Lab 1 will be reviewed in your notebooks; there is not a lab report due on this experiment in our section, despite what the instructions say.

(7 Sep 2023) Because of some new equipment there is a change to today's lab (thanks to Prof. Salama for forwarding this to me). ... for the DMM and power supply, it had a default setting of remote control, to undo the remote in the DMM, press 'shift'. For the power supply, the last soft button on the screen has the option of unlock remote.

(6 Sep 2023) Pearson provided the following handout for students to access Mastering Engineering; Student_Registration_Handout_dimarzio38716.pdf

The TA names, office hours, syllabus, and slides1 are up to date. Soon slides2 will be as well. Look at the date on the cover page or on the lower right of any of the slides.

(9 Apr 2023) Welcome to EECE2150. I'll post announcements and other useful information here throughout the semester.

I'll have an updated syllabus posted before the course starts but it probably won't be much different from last year's.

I will use Canvas for grading and for files that I don't want to share with the world (usually because they belong to someone else). Everything else will be posted here.

We will be making use of Matlab and PSpice software. You probably have Matlab on your computer from your freshman GE course. PSpice can be downloaded if you have a Window's machine. You can also use it on the COE Virtual Lab. There will be more information about this later.

If you have questions, feel free to send email.

Textbook and Mastering Engineering Info:

You do not need the latest version of the text,Nilsson/Riedel, Electric Circuits with Pearson Mastering Engineering (see below). Many students use the 9th edition. You can also download the free book by Ulaby, Circuit Analysis pdf There are three ways to gain access to the Mastering Engineering website, which will be used for this course.

1. To input the Mastering access code that you paid for at the NEU Bookstore. All Mastering access codes purchased at the bookstore grant access to the Nilsson eText. If you purchase a hard copy Nilsson text at the bookstore, make sure that it is packaged with the Mastering access code.

2. The bookstore is also stocking Mastering access code cards without the textbook.

3. You can purchase Mastering access directly from Pearson via the registration process. You will pay for Mastering access that includes the Nilsson eText.
You can also purchase Mastering access without the Nilsson eText, also via the registration process, This is a good option for the student who already has access to a hard copy of Nilsson. Here are Insructions from the publisher.


Pspice information (Thanks to Prof. McGruer) PSpice (Available on NU computers or download for free). We will extensively use PSpice. The student version of PSpice is available for free. You may use any version of PSpice that you wish, but you may find it helpful to be consistent in your versions. You cannot save in version 9.1 and use in version 8.0. In fact, sometimes there is difficulty in saving in version 8.0 and then using in version 9.1, but less so. Pspice is avaliable at .
Thanks to Prof. Onabajo and one of his students for instructions for Windows-10 users.

You may also use PSPICE on the COE Virtual Lab from anywhere, including off-campus. If you have good eyesight and small fingers, you can even use it on your phone.


Matlab is available to students, faculty, and staff for use on a home computer. See for more information. You may also use MATLAB on the COE Virtual Machine.

COE Virtual Lab

For information on the virtual lab, see There is a lot of useful software there, including PSPICE and MATLAB, and more.

Please note that there are going to be changes to the campus VPN in September 2017, so if you use the Virtual Lab off campus, watch for email from the University about the changes.

Supplementary Information

Coding Standards and Recommendations Thanks to Prof. Brooks
Good Wiring Practices (Protoboards) Thanks to Prof. McGruer
Lab Test Equipment Thanks to Prof. McGruer
Electronics Lab 1 with another discussion of test equipment
html/ampgain.html Amplifier Gain demo used in Week 3
File for Lab 7 Thanks to Prof. McGruer supplementary/sampled_sine_example_2150.m
Cheat Sheet for Complex Arithmetic supplementary/complex.pdf
L di/dt Jacob's Ladder
Inductor Power Demonstration html/inductor.html
RL Series Circuit Demonstration of Voltage and Power in RL circuit
AC/DC Circuit Models From EECE2412
RC Demonstration Matlab code for demonstrating RC filter behavior
RC Demonstration (2) Function called by the script above matlab/rcfilter.m
RC Filter Demonstrations Passive and Active Filters
Eli the Ice Man Current and Voltage in Steady-State Sinusoids
decibels A little help with converting to and from dB
Fourier Transform Examples
Square Wave Demo First Few Terms
Plotting Complex Functions Plots Real, Imag, and Abs in 3 Colors
fftaxis Generates a frequency axis from a time axis for fft fftaxis.m
fftaxisshift Rearranges periodic frequency axis to show negative frequenies correctly. Use with Matlab's fftshift. fftaxisshift.m
Fourier Transform Pairs A bigger table than is in the book.
Aliasing Example

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