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Congratulations ECE 2411 students Chris and Nick (1st), Hannah and Marissa (2nd place), Adam and James (3rd place)!




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Welcome to the EECE 2411/EECE 2211 Website for fall 2009. Many electrical engineers develp intuition into how various electronic systems work by building systems that work, don't work, or sometimes work!! Debugging and improving these systems involves both trial and error and application of knowledge. I have built many systems in each of the three categories, some of which have self-destructed on testing! Enjoy! --Nick McGruer.

Welcome to the ECE U401 Website.  Let us begin with a personal comment.  When I first learned electronics, I used (completely by accident) two different learning methods:  On one hand, I assembled radios and audio equipment from the "hobby kits" that were common in those days, mostly by following directions without fully understanding them.  On the other hand,  I bought basic electronic components and learned to put them together by trial and error.  Sometimes the errors were quite spectacular!  This course has been carefully designed by previous faculty members in our department, to give you much the same experience:  There are activities where you will mostly follow the directions and later learn the principles behind them in your courses.  There also times for exploring and observing with only limited directions.  The topics have been chosen carefully, to expose you to most of the concepts, components, and test equipment that you will see throughout your careers in Electrical and Computer Engineering.  Now in my everyday research, these are the tools of my trade.  I hope you will enjoy learning them in this lab and using them as I have.  Welcome to the lab.--Chuck DiMarzio

What you do in this lab is what comes natural to engineers - experiment and discover. Feel free to do both while learning and having fun.   -- D.G. Galatopoullos


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