Research Opportunities in OSL

Prof. DiMarzio

Here are some research projects that are of interest to our laboratory. We are always looking for highly motivated students with an interest in biomedical optics. If you are interested in pursuing thesis research in or close to any of these areas, search our publications for further details, and then send email to arrange a meeting for further discussions.

We are interested in graduate students who can conduct MS or Ph.D. level research programs in these areas. However, we are also interested in undergraduate students who can work on a smaller part of one of these problems, or help current graduate students on existing projects found on our research page. If you see something that looks interesting, contact Chuck or the graduate student listed on the project.

* Imaging of Collagen: This project is a collaboration with Prof. Ruberti in Mechanical and Industrial Engineering. Our interest currently is in using second-harmonic generation (SHG) and other imaging modalities, along with novel processing techniques to through which the alignment of collagen fibrils can be determined.

*Light and Sound We have developed a 2-D FDTD computational model of the interaction of light and ultrasound. We also have a 3D model that predicts the amplitude of the signal. Currently we are conducting experimental research on new techniques for measuring optical and mechanical properties of soft tissue.

*Structured Illumination We are working on a project to use structured illumination to improve three dimensional sectioning in microscopy. Applications are mostly focused on imaging in skin.