The Customized-Queries Approach to CBIR


This paper introduces a new approach called the ``customized-queries'' approach to content-based image retrieval (CBIR). The customized-queries approach first classifies a query using the features that best differentiate the major classes and then customizes the query to that class by using the features that best distinguish the subclasses within the chosen major class. This research is motivated by the observation that the features that are most effective in discriminating among images from different classes may not be the most effective for retrieval of visually similar images within a class. This occurs for domains in which not all pairs of images within one class have equivalent visual similarity. We apply this approach to content-based retrieval of high-resolution tomographic images of patients with lung disease and show that this approach yields 82.8% retrieval precision. The traditional approach that performs retrieval using a single feature vector yields only 37.9% retrieval precision.