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Jennifer G. Dy

Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
Northeastern University

Clustering High-Dimensional Data:

Clustering is the process of grouping "similar" objects/samples together. "Similarity" is typically defined by a metric or a probability model, which are highly dependent on the features/descriptors representing each sample. Many clustering algorithms assume that relevant features have been determined by the domain experts. But, not all features are important. Some of the features may be redundant, some may be irrelevant, and some can even misguide the clustering results. In addition, reducing the number of features increases interpretability and ameliorates the problem with some algorithms that break down with high dimensional data. Research on clustering high-dimensional data addresses these problems.

I have explored several different ways of addressing clustering in high dimensions. See the publications below for more details. This research is supported by NSF CAREER grant No. IIS-0347532.


Publications in Clustering:

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J. G. Dy and C. E. Brodley, "Feature Selection for Unsupervised Learning," Journal of Machine Learning Research, Volume 5, pp. 845-889, August, 2004.
JMLR version (pdf), (ps).
Technical Report version (with the extended appendix of experimental results).

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Students working on this project are: