Hossein Mosallaei

Department: ECE
Title: Professor
Research Areas: Computational Electromagnetics and Physics
URL: Personal Home Page
Contact Information:
Northeastern University
Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering
332 Dana Research Center
360 Huntington Ave.
Boston, MA 02115

Email: hosseinm@ece.neu.edu
Tel: (617) 373-7354
Fax: (617) 373-8970
Ph.D., University of California at Los Angeles (UCLA), 2001
Major: Electromagnetics
Minor: Solid-State & Photonics, Applied Math
Research Interests:
Multiscale Computations and Optimizations for Complex Wave-Matter Interactions, Applied Mathematics, Novel Time and Frequency Domains Numerical Schemes, Physics and Modeling of Metamaterials and Metaatoms, Waves Optics in Photonics and Plasmonics, Nanoscale and Quantum-Molecular Phenomena, Nanostructured Materials and Graphene Engineering, Active and Nonlinear Systems, Periodic and Aperiodic Structures.