Carmine Vittoria. Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electrical and Computer Engineering

409 Dana Research Building

Northeastern University

360 Huntington Avenue

Boston, Massachusetts 02115-5005



PhD, Physics, Yale University

MS, Electrical Engineering, Toledo University

BB, Electrical Engineering, Toledo University

Current Areas of Research Activity and Interest

Development of ferrite nonreciprocal dielectric image guides.

Microwave characterization measurements of a single crystal iron film on GaAs prepared by molecular beam epitaxy.

Theoretical development of magnetic superlattice structures - artificial structures.

Basic research efforts in understanding of microwave properties of ferrite materials.

Understanding of microwave properties of magnetic dielectric and metallic film.

Application of high Tc superconducting materials to microwave devices.

Previous Work of Most Relevance to Company Interests

Collaborated in the first development of planar slotted line ferrite devices. The slotted line circuit was deployed in characterizing the dynamics of domain walls in ferrite materials (1980--81).

Prepared magnetic materials in layered structures by metal evaporation techniques; performed microwave measurements on layered magnetic structures (1974--76).

Developed the first magnetic field modulated microwave delay line (1971--74).

Provided the first satisfactory explanation of radiation effects in magnetic computer memory cores (1970--71).

Designed electrical circuits which simulated nerve cell functions (1963--65).