This event was held Thursday, June 10th at Northeastern University. The day included discussions by technology experts from AMD who discussed their plans for AMD GPUs and CPU-GPU processors. The morning also included presentions from researchers from Northeastern and Virginia Tech discussing their experience working with AMD GPUs. The morning ended with a discussion on research programs available presented by AMD's External Research Office. In the afternoon, AMD's software engineering team presented a tutorial on OpenCL programming.

Slides for each of these presentations are now available below.

For a preview of some of the exciting new products that are coming from AMD, take a look at this recent announcement.

Morning Talks

  Exploiting Heterogeneous CPUs/GPUs, David Kaeli, Northeastern University

  On the Power of Heterogeneous Computing, Wu-chun Feng, Virginia Tech

  Heterogeneous Computing → Fusion: An AMD perspective on next generation CPU-GPU based computing, Phil Rogers, AMD Corporate Fellow, Graphics Product Group

  AMD Sponsored Academic Research Programs, Jay Owen, Program Manager, AMD External Research Office

Afternoon Tutorial

  OpenCL programming tutorial, Benedict R. Gaster, ATI Stream Computing Software

Contact Dave Kaeli at for more information regarding this event and related GPU Computing research ongoing at Northeastern University.

Updated on July 14, 2010