Optical Engineering at Northeastern


Northeastern University's Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering offers an MS and PhD in Electrical Engineering with a concentration in Electromagnetics, Plasmas, and Optics. Students may conduct their thesis research in optics, to prepare for an exciting career in optical communications, environmental measurements, optical sensing, biological or medical optics. This program combines courses in electromagnetics with courses addressing current topics in optics, and has a strong research component.

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The ECE department offers undergraduate electives in Electromagnetics, Optics for Engineers, Biomedical Optics, along with directed-study courses in specific areas such as modeling optical propagation in tissue, optical instrumentation, and image processing.


Prof. Charles A. DiMarzio
Optical Science Lab
Coherent optical imaging, coherent microscopy, confocal microscopy, multi--modal microscopy, photo--thermal imaging and light/sound interactions in turbid media.
Prof. Edwin Marengo
Compressive Imaging Laboratory
Electromagnetic theory, and wave-based signal processing and imaging, including optical compressive imaging methods and algorithms.
Prof. Mark Niedre
Niedre Group Website
Fluorescence tomographic imaging, optical sensing of rare cells, optical-neuronal interactions.
Prof. Yongmin Liu
Liu Group Website
Nano optics, nanoscale materials and devices, plasmonics, metamaterials, nonlinear and quantum optics.