WiNTECH ’14 Final Program

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08:45am-09:00am Welcome and Introductory Remarks

09:00am-10:15am Session 1 - Where the Rubber Meets the Road: Experimental Testbeds and Platforms

BeHop : A Testbed for Dense WiFi Networks
Yiannis Yiakoumis (Stanford University), Manu Bansal (Stanford University), Sachin Katti (Stanford University), Adam Covington (Stanford University), Johan van Reijendam (Stanford University) and Nick McKeown (Stanford University).

A Framework for Remote Automation, Configuration, and Monitoring of Real-World Experiments
Ismet Aktas (RWTH-Aachen University), Oscar Puñal (RWTH-Aachen University), Florian Schmidt (RWTH-Aachen University), Tobias Drüner (RWTH-Aachen University) and Klaus Wehrle (RWTH-Aachen University).

Comparisons of High Performance Software Radios with Size, Weight, Area and Power Constraints
Paul W. Garver (Georgia Tech), Randal Abler (Georgia Tech), Edward J. Coyle (Georgia Tech) and John Narayan (Virginia Tech).

10:15am-10:45am Coffee Break

10:45am-11:00am Demo Teaser Session

11:00am-11:50am. Session 2: White Spaces and Spectrum Sensing: An Experimental Perspective

Towards a Characterization of White Spaces Databases Errors: An Empirical Study
Ahmed Saeed (Carnegie Mellon University Qatar), Moustafa Youssef (Egypt-Japan University of Science and Technology) and Khaled A. Harras (Carnegie Mellon University Qatar).

Online Assessment of Sensing Performance in Experimental Spectrum Sensing Platforms
S. Keranidis (UTH, CERTH, Greece), V. Passas (UTH, CERTH, Greece), K. Chounos (UTH, CERTH, Greece), W. Liu (Ghent University - iMinds, Gent, Belgium), T. Korakis (UTH, CERTH, Greece), I. Koutsopoulos (AUEB, CERTH, Greece), I. Moerman (Ghent University - iMinds, Gent, Belgium) and L. Tassiulas (UTH, CERTH, Greece).

11:50am-01:00pm Lunch at Valley Isle Terrace

01:00pm-02:15pm Keynote Speech - Learning through Deployments: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly

Prof. Suman Banerjee.

02:15pm-03:05pm. Session 3: Interference in Today's Networks

Potential Pitfalls of the Message in Message Mechanism in Modern 802.11 Networks
Wei Wang (National University of Singapore), Wai Kay Leong (National University of Singapore) and Ben Leong (National University of Singapore).

Understanding the Impact of Cross Technology Interference on IEEE 802.15.4
Anwar Hithnawi (ETH Zurich), Hossein Shafagh (ETH Zurich) and Simon Duquennoy (SICS Swedish ICT AB).

03:05pm-04:00pm. Coffee Break and Poster and Demo Session

Co-primary spectrum sharing with inter-operator D2D trial
Markku Jokinen (University of Oulu), Marko Mäkeläinen (University of Oulu) and Tuomo Hänninen (University of Oulu).

A Testbed to Evaluate Frequency-Hopping Anti-Jamming Techniques in IEEE 802.11
Nicolo Facchi (CNIT / Università degli Studi di Brescia), Francesco Gringoli (CNIT / Università degli Studi di Brescia) and Daniel S. Berger (DISCO lab / University of Kaiserslautern).

BusyBee: Low Rate WiFi-ZigBee Communications without Gateways
Daniele Croce (University of Palermo), Natale Galioto (University of Palermo), Domenico Garlisi (University of Palermo), Costantino Giaconia (University of Palermo), Fabrizio Giuliano (University of Palermo) and Ilenia Tinnirello (University of Palermo).

DEMO: LabVIEW based framework for prototyping dense LTE networks
Rohit Gupta (National Instruments), Bjoern Bachmann (National Instruments), Russell Ford (NYU Wireless), Sundeep Rangan (NYU Wireless), Arianna Morelli (INTECS), Vincenzo Mancuso (Institute IMDEA Network), Nikhil Kundargi (National Instruments) and Amal Ekbal (National Instruments).

04:00pm-05:15pm. Session 4: Timing: From MAC to DTN

Timings Matter: Standard Compliant IEEE 802.11 Channel Access for a Fully Software-based SDR Architecture
Bastian Bloessl (University of Paderborn), Andre Puschmann (Ilmenau University of Technology), Christoph Sommer (University of Paderborn) and Falko Dressler (University of Paderborn).

System Architecture for Delay Tolerant Media Distribution for Rural South Africa
Adriano Galati (Disney Research Zurich), Theodoros Bourchas (Disney Research Zurich), Sandra Siby (Disney Research Zurich) and Stefan Mangold (Disney Research Zurich).

Implementation and Evaluation of a Flexible, Load-Adaptive Link Layer Protocol
Andre Puschmann (TU Ilmenau) and Andreas Mitschele-Thiel (TU Ilmenau).