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Welcome to Magic of Magnetism!

Magnets play a big part in our everyday lives. Most of the time, we only think of those little things that hold our papers on the refrigerator or of what makes a compass work, but magnetism helps us in many other ways that we usually never see or notice. Our credit cards, computer hard drives, motors, generators, and speakers all use magnetism. The earth is one giant magnet, too! If we use magnets in so many different areas of our lives, we should understand how they work and how we’re able to use them in technology.

Magic of Magnetism is a program created to answer these questions. Put together by the Museum of Science in Boston and Northeastern University, the Magic of Magnetism is an exhibit and website dedicated to explaining how magnets work and how they are used in technology. At the exhibit, you can view what magnetic fields look like around different types of magnets, observe how magnetic domains form, and see how these principles come together to make our Magnetic Levitation Train float in midair! So Let’s get started!

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Please excuse us, parts of the Magic of Magnetism Website are still under construction. Thanks!


This Magic of Magnetism Program is funded by the National Science Foundation.