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NUCAR Picnic 2017 Celebration

We had a great time at Cochituate State Park. We enjoyed some great food, kayaking, volleyball, spikeball, and many other activities. Thank you to Dr. Kaeli for providing delicious hamburgers and hot dogs, and to all the team including our alumni and families, for joining us in this beautiful day.

Ben and Daniel at RISE 2017

Ben and Daniel presented their work at RISE. Ben received the undergraduate computer and information science outstanding student research award for his work on 3D Level Set Segmentation.

Beam Testing at LANSCE

UFRGS, NEU, LANL, and Waterloo University team doing beam reliability testing at LANSCE.

Yash at ICPE'15 conference

Yash presented the paper NUPAR: A Benchmark Suite for Modern GPU Architectures at ICPE'15 held at Austin, Texas. Slides are available HERE

Charu awarded travel grant from CRA-W

Charu has been awarded travel grant to attend CRA-Women Grad Cohort Workshop to be held in San Francisco, CA on April 10-11, 2015. Congratulations to Charu!

Fanny's proposal selected for GTC 2015

Fanny's proposal "Real-Time Image Segmentation for Homeland Security Exploiting Hyper-Q Concurrency" has been selected for GPU Technology Conference (GTC) to be held at San Jose, California from March 17 - 20, 2015. The details of her session (#S5510) can be found in the listing HERE. Congratulations to Fanny!

Neel and Tushar win Best Poster Award

Neel and Tushar's poster titled “Scalable Open-source Side-channel Evaluation Platform for Cryptographic Devices” selected by ACSC (Advanced Cyber Security Center) Annual Conference attendees as a Best Cyber Security Solution for 2014. Congratulations to them!

Yash at SBAC-PAD'14 conference

Yash presented his paper Runtime Support for Adaptive Spatial Partitioning and Inter-Kernel Communication on GPUs at SBAC-PAD'14 held at Paris, France. Slides are available HERE

Paper accepted in ICPE'15 conference

More details of the paper coming soon

Prof. Kaeli's interview on FOX news

Prof. Kaeli talks to FOX news, Boston about the importance of cyber security and the role of Northeastern University in preparing next generation cyber professionals. Watch his full interview: HERE

Esra defended her PhD thesis

Esra defender her PhD thesis titled: Learning from Sequential Data for Anomaly Detection. Congratulations to Esra!

Fanny at ICCVG'14 conference

Fanny presented her paper Accelerated Connected Component Labeling using CUDA Framework at ICCVG'14 held at Warsaw, Poland. Slides are available HERE

Leiming at HUCAA'14 workshop

Leiming presented his paper GPU-accelerated HMM for Speech Recognition at HUCAA'14 held at Minneapolis, MN. Slides are available HERE

Paper accepted in MICRO'14 conference

More details of the paper coming soon

Paper accepted in SBAC'14 conference

Paper titled "Runtime Support for Adaptive Spatial Partitioning and Inter-Kernel Communication on GPUs" submitted by Yash Ukidave, Perhaad Mistry, Charu Kalra, Dana Schaa and David Kaeli, accepted in SBAC'14. Congratulations to the authors!

Xiangyu defended his Master's thesis

Xiangyu defended his Master's thesis!

Esra defended her PHD proposal

Esra defended her PHD proposal!

Women Who CUDA

Fanny and Charu feature on NVIDIA's Women Who CUDA spotlight!

More information is available HERE

Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL 2.0

Prof. Kaeli discusses about the new upcoming book Heterogeneous Computing with OpenCL 2.0 at CGO '14 held in Orlando, Florida.

Watch his interview HERE

NSF Grant

We got NSF grant for a new project: CSR: Small: Power Efficient Emerging Heterogeneous Platforms.

This project addresses the problem of design space exploration for high-performance embedded computing platforms. Such systems are increasingly heterogeneous, and include powerful multi-core microprocessors (CPUs), many-core Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and Digital Signal Processors (DSPs). Despite the availability of these powerful platforms, many barriers exist for application developers and platform designers to reap the full benefits of these devices. Some of these challenges include finding effective mappings of applications to a wide range of heterogeneous compute platforms and defining/exploring the most appropriate memory interfaces.

More information is available HERE

NSF Grant

We got NSF grant for a new project: developing a common free testbed, called TeSCASE, for side-channel analysis and security evaluation of cryptosystems, targets research and development in hardware security.

Analyzing side-channel information and exploiting it in side-channel attacks is expected to contribute in the understanding of the design, implementation, and new countermeasures. The work facilitates research on developing provable (side-channel analysis) SCA-resilient cryptographic systems that could lead to discoveries and inventions in multiple aspects of hardware security, fundamental side-channel analysis modeling, effective countermeasures, leakage-resilient cryptography, and fields products in security evaluation. This work develops an open holistic testbed for analyzing a system?s side-channel leakage and hardware security. While the testbed hardware platform services various side-channel leakage acquisitions, the software platform controls the hardware interface, simulates designs at different levels, estimates side-channel leakage, analyzes the leaked information, and evaluates hardware security with multiple metrics. The side channel analysis library provides a suite of known side-channel attacks and countermeasures.

More information is available HERE

Jenny defended her PHD thesis

Jenny successfully defended her PHD thesis: Classification Of Malware Persistence Mechanisms using Low-artifact Disk Instrumentation. Congratulations to Jenny!

New Webpages Launched

Our new website is here!

Perhaad defended his PHD proposal

Perhaad defended his PHD proposal!

Dana defended his PHD proposal

Dana defended his PHD proposal!

Ayse defended her PHD proposal

Ayze defended her PHD proposal!