Awards & Accomplishments

Ye Zhao received the Student Presentation Award at ECCE 2013

Ye Zhao, a PhD candidate in Electrical Engineering at Northeastern University, was named a Student Presentation Winner for his oral presentation on "Graph-based Semi-supervised Learning for Fault Detection and Classification in Solar Photovoltaic Arrays", at the 2013 IEEE Energy Conversion Congress and Exposition (ECCE) held in Denver, Colorado.

Ye Zhao was awarded Best Student Presentation at the 2011 37th IEEE PVSC

"Best Student Presentation Award" at the 2011 37th IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference (PVSC) for paper "Fault Analysis in Solar PV Arrays under: Low Irradiance Conditions and Reverse Connections"

Ting Qian was awarded Outstanding Research Assistant in 2007

Ting Qian, a Research Assistant at Dr. Lehman's research group was awarded as the Outstanding Research Assistant in 2007.

Peng Li was awarded the INTELEC Fellowship

Peng Li, a graduate student of Prof. Lehman's research group was awarded the International Telecommunications Energy Conference (INTELEC) Fellowship for his research, "Performance Prediction of DC-DC Converters with Arbitrary Load or Source."

Control Loop Redesign

SIP305 Boost Converter - Nokia Cellular Phone: Battery Interface
- H.Xu (Power-One) - B.Lehman, C. Sun, J. Xie (NU)

Why is this Sumo wrester so happy?

Because he can finally get a good night sleep : he has the quietest refrigerator in the world (Sanyo)!
- NU/ Analog Devices joint research on embedded control algorithm for compressor.

Integrated Magnetic 1/4 brick Dc-Dc converter

When announced (in 2002) this quarter brick telecom converter was among the first to achieve power density greater than 100 W/qubic inch.