Northeastern University Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems Lab

The WiNES Lab works to transform fundamental and basic research into products impacting industry, technology, and society.

We do that through technology transfer projects, intellectual property licensing, and startup commercialization. Postdocs, graduate students, and undergraduate students @WiNES have the opportunity to engage in technology transfer and startups.

Technology Transfer Projects

  • SBIR Phase I-II Project (with Intelligent Automation)
    Dynamic Cross-Layer Design for Robust Cognitive Networking with Physical Channel and Delay Awareness (2011-2014)
  • STTR Phase II Project (with Andro Computational Solutions)
    Dynamic Routing and Spread-spectrum Channelization for Cognitive Ad Hoc Networking (2011-2014)

Intellectual Property - Patents

  • PCT/US14/58492, A Transmission and Medium access Control Technique for Ultrasonic Communications in the Human Body.
  • PCT/US14/58486, A Medium- Access Control Scheme for Ultrasonic Communications in the Human Body Based on Second Order Statistics.
  • PPA, IP-Compatible Protocol Stack for Commercial Undersea Modems.

Entrepreneurship - Start-Ups

  • Aenduo - Telemedicine For All.

  • BioNet Sonar