Northeastern University Wireless Networks and Embedded Systems Lab

PMUT Communications

This video demonstrates a real-time video transmission via ultrasounds through human tissues.
The ultrasounds for high data rate communication are generated using Aluminum Nitride (AlN) Piezoelectric Micro Machined Ultrasonic Transducers (PMUTs).
The transmitted video shows the ongoing counter on a smartphone. After showing successful transmission of the video (received and played on a PC), the transmitter is disconnected (at 0:15) to demonstrate interruption of the link. The video playback stops after some delay due to processing of buffered data. At 0:38 the link is restored and the video streaming starts again at 0:47.

Experimental setup:

· Transmitter: Ettus Research USRP Software Defined Radio, Power Amplifier, 20 x 20 AIN PMUT array.
· Medium: Contact gel, upper arm tissue-mimicking phantom, ~5cm width.
· Receiver: 20 x 20 AIN PMUT array, pre-amplifier, Ettus Research USRP Software Defined Radio.
· Modulation: Proprietary OFDM.