Facilities and Equipment

Egan Research Center, Site of the NU Microfabrication Laboratory

Our facility includes 3500 square feet of class 100, 1000, and support space in the new Egan Research Center and two thousand square feet of cleanroom and ancillary space in the Dana Research Building. The facility has complete facilities for MEMS fabrication, including extensive lithography, etch, thin film, and plating capabilities for 3 and 6 inch substrates.

Dana Research Building

The photolithography area houses a modern Quintel Q-4000-6 aligner with transmitted IR backside alignment. Sub-100 nm lithography is available using a J.C. Nabity Nanometer Pattern Generation System coupled with a JEOL 6100 SEM.

Quintel Q-4000-6 Aligner

Thin film capability includes an MRC 8667 three target 6.5" DC Magnetron/RF Magnetron sputtering system, a Perkin Elmer 2400 RF-DC magnetron 8" sputtering system, an Airco two-gun 6kW E-beam evaporator, a thermal evaporator, and a Bruce 4 and 6 inch diffusion stacks. Four and six inch cantilever loaded furnaces are equipped for polysilicon, silicon nitride, and silicon dioxide deposition, and oxidation.

Spin Developer

Perkin Elmer 2400, 8" Magnetron, 3-Target

Plasma etching is performed in a Plasma Therm ICP etcher and a custom reactive ion etcher. Ion milling is done in a 10" Veeco Micro Etch system.

Plasma Therm ICP Etcher

Additional process equipment includes a MEI 1204 B hybrid ball bonder, a rapid thermal annealer, a Research Devices M-8 flip-chip bonder, and in-house anodic and eutectic bonders. Several Wet stations are used for special processes associated with the fabrication of micromechanical structures. These include Au and Ni filtered Plating baths and KOH and Hydrazine anisotropic etching tanks.

Pre-Diffusion Clean Wetbench with Rinser-Dryer, Dana Laboratory

The facility is equipped with a full range of process and electrical test instruments. A Dektak 3030 surface profilometer, inspection microscopes, a NanoSpec thickness monitor, an ellipsometer and a Philtec sectioner are used for process monitoring. Electron microscopy is done on a JEOL 6100 SEM with a Kevex EDX. Electrical measurements are performed in one of three conventional probing stations or in a UHV test chamber with micromanipulators. Electronic test equipment includes two pc-controlled automated data acquisition systems, Keithley 237 and 2410 Source-Measurement Units, a Keithley 487 Voltage Source/ Picoammeter, HP 4155A Semiconductor Parameter Analyzers, an HP 4277A LCZ meter, an HP 3561A spectrum analyzer, a Stanford Research SR510 lock-in amplifier as well as an assortment of oscilloscopes, curve tracers and sources.

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