Research Members


Over the years, Dr. Lehman has helped the education and supervision of many accomplished research graduate students that have gone on to illustrious careers. His students have won and continue to receive multiple awards for their teaching and research, both at Northeastern University and within IEEE. In his approximately 20 years in academics, Dr. Lehman has supervised / currently supervises approximately 30 graduate research thesis/projects, over half of which are for the PhD. He places special emphasis on recruiting cultural diversity, as well as female graduate students. Funded students tend to have an MS degree already and likely have some industry experience working in the power supply industry with PCB layout experience. In addition to the graduate students, Dr. Lehman has a special interest/program in working with under-represented minority undergraduate students on research projects.

Camara N. JOHNSON (Master Student)

BS: Hampton University
Research Interests: Power Electronics, Renewable Energy, Solar Energy, LED Devices
Ongoing project: Health Monitoring and Life Estimation of Metal Oxide Varistors

Imani-Kai HORTON (PhD Candidate)

BS: Hampton University
Research Interests: Renewable Energy Systems, Electrical Power Systems, Power Electronics, Electric Vehicles

Jonathan C. KIM (PhD candidate)

BS: Boston University, Massachusetts, USA
Research Interests: Arc Fault Generation and Detection; Control techniques for power electronics applications, power converter embedded solar PV systems
Ongoing project: Arc Fault Detection in PV Systems, DC nanogrid communication for a Photovoltaic Blanket, Differential Power Processing

Xinmin (Cindy) ZHANG (PhD candidate)

BS: Hunan University, Hunan, China
MS: Zhejiang University, Zhejiang, China
Research Interests: PV Inverters, Universal Converters, Machine Learning-based PV Power Forecasting, Linear-type Motors (Electromagnetic and Thermal Analysis).
Ongoing projects: Universal Converter Design (Funded by ARPA-E, US DOE), Dec. 2017 -Present

Ya GUO (PhD Candidate)

MS: Auburn University
Research Interests: Modeling and Optimization Energy Systems, Power and Energy Management for Microgrids, Power Electronics
Ongoing project: Optimization in power and energy flow management for PV-microgrid in market environment

Yue ZHENG (PhD candidate)

BS: Tsinghua University, Beijing, China
MS: Northeastern University, Boston, Massachusetts
Research Interests: Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) algorithm, PWM algorithm in SD Card, DC/DC paralleling converters for DC grid, Solar blanket embeded system
Ongoing project: Solar Blanket Paralleling DC/DC Converters for DC Bus