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David Kaeli

COE Distinguished Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Computer architecture; GPUs; heterogeneous computing; performance analysis; security and information assurance; hardware reliability and recovery; Big Data analytics; and workload characterization

Yong-Bin Kim

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Integrated circuit design and for nanoelectronics and nano technology, high speed system integration for signal processing and communication applications, bio-chip and bio-sensor interface circuit design, electronic neuron circuit design, low power adaptive robot controller circuit design; high performance and low power vlsI design, system-on-chip (soc), and Physical VLSI CAD

John K. Kimani

Associate Teaching Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Semiconductor devices, Biosensors and bioelectronics, and Hardware/software design for sensor circuits and systems.

Engin Kirda

jointly appointed in Khoury College of Computer Sciences & Electrical and Computer Engineering

Malware analysis and detection; web security; social network security; reverse engineering; intrusion detection

Mieczyslaw Kokar

Professor Emeritus, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Software Engineering, Cognitive Radios, Information Integration and Fusion

Dimitrios Koutsonikolas

Associate Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Experimental wireless networking and mobile computing, with a current focus on millimeter wave networking, high-bandwidth applications (VR, 360° video streaming) over wireless networks, LTE/WiFi coexistence, energy-aware protocol design for smartphones, and wireless sensing

Dmitri Krioukov

Affiliated Faculty, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Big data analytics and practical applications, mathematical physics of networks.

Kristina Kutsukos

Assistant Co-op Coordinator, 
Global Engineering Co-op