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Jun 10, 2024

Discovery Highlights ‘Critical Oversight’ in Perceived Security of Wireless Networks

Sherif Badran, PhD’26, electrical engineering, and ECE Professor Josep Jornet were featured in the Rice University article “Discovery Highlights ‘Critical Oversight’ in Perceived Security of Wireless Networks.”

Electrical & Computer Engineering

May 20, 2024

Test and Measurement: Northeastern’s OTIC Up and Running

ECE William Lincoln Smith Professor Tommaso Melodia was featured in the RCR Wireless article “Test and Measurement: Northeastern’s OTIC up and running.”

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Alireza Ramezani

May 15, 2024

Video Friday: Loco-Manipulation

ECE Assistant Professor Alireza Ramezani’s Silicon Synapse Lab was featured in IEEE Spectrum’s “Video Friday: Loco-Manipulation,” their weekly selection of awesome robotics videos.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Feb 12, 2024

New Technique Can Spy on Your Security Cameras Through Walls

ECE/Khoury Professor Kevin Fu was featured in the Interesting Engineering article “New Technique Can Spy on Your Security Cameras Through Walls” and the Tech-Fy article “Shocking! Hackers Can Spy on Your Security Camera Through Walls: New Research Exposes Massive Gap.”

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Jan 03, 2024

Northeastern Students Develop Robotic Boat To Attack Invasive Plants

A capstone project supervised by ECE Associate Professor Charles DiMarzio and MIE Associate Professor Randall Erb that developed an autonomous robotic boat to map the invasive hydrilla plant has been featured in The Robot Report, Hartford Courant, BNN Breaking, and Government Technology.

Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering

Nov 21, 2023

6G Could Pull Double Duty to Monitor Climate Change

The sixth generation of wireless cellular networks (6G, circa 2030) is expected not just to increase the availability, reliability, and speed of wireless networks but also serve as a major sensing infrastructure. In a recent interview by IEEE Spectrum, Josep Jornet, professor of electrical and computer engineering and associate director of the Institute for the […]

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Ravinder Dahiya

Oct 24, 2023

Degradable Electronic Medical Devices Power Up

ECE Professor Ravinder Dahiya was featured in the Chemical & Engineering News article “Degradable electronic medical devices power up.”

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Oct 06, 2023

It’s Possible to Extract Audio From a Still, Soundless Image

ECE/Khoury Professor Kevin Fu has developed a machine learning tool called Side Eye that can extract audio from pictures and even muted videos.

Electrical & Computer Engineering