Our alumni community is important to the success of our program, through mentoring and networking with our students, creating co-op positions, and through generous giving. They are also evidence of the quality of a Northeastern engineering education given their successful career journeys.


Alumni philanthropy is vital to advancing the mission of the College of Engineering. From endowing research initiatives and donating to benefit both existing and new academic programs and research teams to establishing student fellowships, your commitment is fostering the next generation of engineering leaders that will undoubtedly advance society and make our world a better place.

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alumni“The most valuable assets that I found while at Northeastern University were my mentors. They provided me with the necessary tools to succeed while supporting and encouraging me to expand my horizons. The lessons that I learned from them will be with me for the rest of my career.”

Juan Aceros | MS’01 + PhD’08 | Assistant Professor of Electrical Engineering, University of North Florida
alumni“I benefited greatly from great teachers and from the cooperative program which introduced me to engineering applications.”

Abeer Alwan | BS’83 | Professor of Electrical Engineering, UCLA
alumni“Without the support of the Northeastern ECE professors I wouldn’t be the person I am today. I started at Northeastern not really sure I wanted to be an engineer, and I graduated as the President of the NU IEEE chapter with undergraduate research experience. None of that would have been possible without the supportive faculty of the ECE department.”

Carolyn Andrews Boron | BS’08 | Systems Engineer 4, Jacobs
alumni“I will be forever grateful to Northeastern University for the education I received. I would not be the engineer I am—nor be at this good place in my life—if it had not been for Northeastern University.”

Gary “GP” Brefini | BS’78 + MS’79 + EdEE’85 | Digital Communications Specialist
alumni“Northeastern ECE gave me the perfect foundation for my career. I learned not only the fundamentals of engineering, but how to apply them to real world problems.”

Andrew Dunn, PhD | MS’94 | Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, University of Texas at Austin

“It’s really exciting to learn something in school, and then be able to immediately apply it to your job in ‘the real world.’ I have had this privilege, as many of my ECE classes at NEU directly apply to the work I do every day.”Jane Eisenhauer | MS’15 | Systems Engineer, Raytheon

alumni“Northeastern ‘s ECE department taught me both the theory and the practical necessary to be an electrical engineer. The faculty are very supportive of their students and they enabled me to work on many different projects that I cared about.”

Tom Gaudette | BS’95 + MS’98 | Principal Academic Evangelist, MathWorks

“The Northeastern experience is completely phenomenal and something that will be within me for life. It was very enriching to be a part of the ECE department and helped me to realize my own abilities and identify and stick with my areas of interest. Husky For Life!”

Hariharan Ragothaman | MS’15 | Software Engineer, Bose Corporation
alumni“The ECE program at NU was challenging and the co-op opportunities gave me exposure to a variety of different companies in terms of size and industry. The contacts that I made during my co-ops were key to getting my first job after graduation and later shaping my career path to where I am today. Without the co-op program I would not have been able to experience the exciting culture of start-ups and the resources of larger companies within a short time period and with virtually no risk.”

Bryan Long | BS’02 | CTO and Co-Founder, Retroficiency
alumni“Northeastern ECE and the co-op program helped me on my path in two ways: by allowing me to do an internship and discover the work I enjoyed, I could pursue it; and by allowing me to do an internship and discover the work I did not enjoy, I could avoid it.”

Michael Mazzello | BS’08 + MS’12 | Engineer, BBN Technologies
alumni“Northeastern was a great experience for me. Even though I am no longer in the engineering field, the engineering program taught me how to think and reason through almost any situation.”

Alan Meckler | BS’82 | Certified Financial Planner, Cornerstone Financial Group, Inc
alumni“The best part of Northeastern was the excellence in the faculty. One example of that excellence was the help given to me by Dr. Rule. He taught Fortran, one of the early engineering programming languages. I struggled badly at first; I just didn’t get it at all. He spent time with me, coached me, and mentored me. Finally (still getting a C) I got it. This course set my career path to this day.”

Bill Meehan | BS’71 | Director of Utility Solutions, ESRI
alumni“Northeastern University’s Electrical and Computer Engineering program and the Cooperative education program was pivotal in my determination and enthusiasm to eventually found my own company in Silicon Valley. The incredible mix of studying and working with world class professors and world class companies like IBM and General Electric (during my coop assignments) gave me the experience and knowledge I needed to secure highly exciting and challenging employment opportunities.”

Amitava Mukherjee | BS’89 | CEO, President, and Co-Founder, Redshift Networks
alumni“The Ph.D. program at Northeastern ECE tailors the path for your future either in industry or academia. You will find yourself immensely involved in cutting edge research that requires expertise from theory to implementation. This translates to high impact publications, high caliber research, and preparation for a successful career.””

Prusayon Nintanvongsa | PhD’13 | University Lecturer, Rajamangala University of Technology, Thanyaburi, Thailand
alumni“NU provided me with a challenging and stimulating environment to learn and conduct research. I am very proud to be part of a very distinguished alumni body, which, just from my PhD years, includes 7 faculty members in top universities in the US and around the world, and many in high profile companies. I couldn’t be prouder of the amazing rise of the school in the university rankings, which is a direct result of its focus on quality.”

Athina Petropulu | MS’88 + PHD’91 | Professor and Chair, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Rutgers University
alumni“Northeastern ‘s ECE program was challenging, but the co-op opportunities, engaging classes, and support from the faculty and staff were so invaluable in preparing me for my career and future.”

Kristin Salomon | BS’12 | Engineering Technician, Littlebits Electronics

“Northeastern ECE department’s rigorous curriculum and advisor’s willingness to involve undergraduate/graduate students in research and community outreach has shaped my academic career and given me a deeper understanding of the importance of my work.”

Neel P. Shah | MS’15 | SoC Security Architect, Intel Corporation
alumni“Northeastern’s ECE is among the friendliest academic environments I have seen, and it has some truly fantastic teachers. Also, for me, Boston is one of the nicest towns in North America!”

Milica Stojanovic | MS’91 + PHD’93 | Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering, Northeastern University
alumni“My time at Northeastern, especially the co-op work, gave me an advantage in my career, allowing me to move ahead faster as well as determine the area of technology I wanted to focus on.”

Alexandra Tinti | BS’10 | Senior Software Engineer, DigitasLBi

“The skills I developed both through the ECE department and the Gordon Engineering Leadership Program were transformative. I completed my degree while working full-time at Bose, and the experience led directly to increased responsibility and greater opportunities for me in the workplace.”

Jeff Vautin | MS’15 | Applied Research Engineer, Bose Corporation
alumni“Northeastern ECE is a place to nurture creativity and let ideas blossom.”

Zoran Zvonar | PHD’93 | Fellow, MediaTek