ECE Capstone

The Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE) offers the Capstone Design senior level course, which is mandatory for all students. This two semester long course is one of the most challenging, exciting, and successful programs on campus. A number of industrial partners, research institutions, business school in connection to the entrepreneurship program, as well as many other internal and external sources are involved with this course.


The main objective of this course is to provide a multidisciplinary experience, integrating knowledge from the core, intermediate, and advanced courses in electrical and computer engineering. It has a single major course objective with a working project as an output. The course intends to give students experience in finding a satisfactory solution of an open-ended problem, which has more than one solution, and where the solution involves actual hardware that needs to work. The design is carried out in engineering teams.

2022 ECE Capstone Hightlights

Project Categories

A project involving each team gives valuable experience in planning, division of work, and maintaining individual accountability within a framework of group success. The students select projects according to the following three categories: (1) Industry-based capstone design projects, which are sponsored by industry; (2) Faculty-based advanced research projects, which are proposed by faculty through research centers such as CenSSIS, CDSP, etc; and (3) Student-based capstone design projects, which are proposed by the innovative ideas stemming from the students themselves.

Project Teams

Every year 20 teams are involved with fascinating projects trying to accomplish their design tasks. Each team consists of 4-6 members with expertise in hardware, software, signal processing, and system knowledge including communications and control systems. Constructed from solid devices, microprocessor, sensors, and other electronic components (all purchased within a specified budget), more than 80% of the projects are successfully completed. This is how our senior undergraduate students taking on challenging, hands-on engineering capstone design projects, building useful state of the art systems, guided by the faculty advisors. The students perform the design tasks in the capstone design laboratory, which is accessible 24 hours. A design competition is the final stage of this program in which a number of expert judges from the industry are invited to evaluate the best three projects.


A natural outcome of capstone experience is to introduce a strategy for reliable integration of research and curriculum development. It becomes possible to link multidisciplinary projects that integrate new; state-of-the-art research advances in emerging technology areas into upper-level undergraduate engineering curricula. A major objective is to involve faculty and researchers with the capstone program. In addition, this interaction is a motivating factor for our students to pursue graduate studies, to enhance their skills, and to facilitate employment opportunities.

Remote Capstone Design Policy

Capstone Director

Bahram Shafai
Professor,  Electrical and Computer Engineering

Control Systems and Signal Processing; Robust and Optimal Control, Positive Dynamic Systems, Fault Detection, Observer Theory, Robotics and Distributed Control of Multi-Agent Systems, Control of Biological Systems

Examples of Capstone Award-Winning Projects
  • Project Title: Modular Accessible Controller System (MACS) (First Place)
    Team: William Eric Freeman, Natalie Potapov, Yuyang Zhou, Michael Mccooey, Jarrett Anderson, Liam Kennedy
    Advisor: Professor Canek Fuentes
  • Project Title: Best In Kard Entertainment (BIKE) (First Place)
    Team:, Jackson Heun, Adin Moses, Connor Nelson, Tyler Passerine, Sharwin Patil, Christopher Swagler
    Advisor: Professor Canek Fuentes
  • Project Title: Tunnel Device (Second Place)
    Team:, Yoseph Hamad , Ravi Prasad, Brian Schubert, Jonathan Tan, Micah Weston
    Advisor: Professor Kaushik Chowdhury
  • Project Title: RIFT: Robotic Intelligent Foosball Table (Second Place)
    Team: Jared Bingham, Theodore Davidson, Sunny Gu, Juan Martos , Owen Van Sickle
    Advisor: Professor Thomas Consi
  • Project Title: Autonomous Navigation and Docking for Distributed Robots (Third Place)
    Team: Jarrad Homer , Maulik Patel, Ben-Oni Voinqueur, David Antaski, Musheera Khondoker
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: ExpLoRa: LoRa-based Telemetry System (Third Place)
    Team:, Brinda Dhawan, Jia Mu, Anthony Lee, Peter Rydzynski, Matthew McCauley, Owandari Briggs
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: Sperm Whale Automated Tagging (SWAT) System (First Place)
    Team: Yonatan Arieh, Saul Blain, Peter Chang, Matthew Davidsen, Henry Psaltos, Nicole Tanneli
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: MOTION: MAV Operated Tunnel Inspection using Object-classification Neural Networks (First Place)
    Team: Christian Burwell, Tianqi Huang, Rohit Pal, Michael Shen, Harrison Sun, Eagle Yuan
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai and Taskin Padir
  • Project Title: Multi-Screen LED Entertainment System (MSLES) (Second Place)
    Team: Colin Boisvert, William Hsia, Sean Magee, James Packard, Owen Zhang
    Advisor:Professor Charles Dimarzio
  • Project Title: Interface for Mobile Performance Analysis and Concussion Tracking (I.M.P.A.C.T.) (Second Place)
    Team: Anthony Britton, Joe Durkin, Jack Duval, Steven Fried, Alex Kerwick, Michael Maurer
    Advisor: Professor Masoud Salehi
  • Project Title: Wheelchair Add-On Kit (Third Place)
    Team: Peter Brown, Ian Chan, Alejandro Hervella, Gokce Saracoglu, William Tower
    Advisor: Professor Masoud Salehi
  • Project Title: The Chandelier Project (Third Place)
    Team: Philip Andress, Gabriel Jentis, Patrick Jimenez, Conor McNulty, James Napier, Nicholas Thevenin
    Advisor: Professor Taskin Padir
  • Project Title: Terrestrial Roving Automatic Scrap Harvester (TRASH) (First Place)
    Team: John Chiaramonte, Jack Fenton, Lee Milburn, Catherine Ellingham, Jared Raines, Divya Venkatraman
    Advisor: Professor Waleed Meleis
  • Project Title: Autonobee (First Place)
    Team: Patrick Taylor, Nicole Johnson, Samuel Allegretti, Christian Bobowicz, Shawn Padilla
    Advisor: Professor Waleed Meleis
  • Project Title: MyoArm: Teleoperation Protocol of Robotic Arm using Surface Electromyography (Second Place)
    Team: Spencer Lake Jacobs-Skolik, Eric Alvarez, Joshua Kwok, Samuel Lambrecht, Rodrigo Panayotti Faraj
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: Distributed System for Localization and Mapping (DLAM) (Second Place)
    Team: Spencer Brennessel, Ivan Kartashov, Arthur Kautz, Joe Yang, Joshua Zak
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: NOTUS: An IOT Smart Ventilation System (Third Place)
    Team: Mallory Brown, Michael Gesuale, Kenny Lam, Ilaria Manneschi, Eric Pedersen, John Soliven
    Advisor: Professor Waleed Meleis
  • Project Title: Ride the Wave: Accessible Oscilloscope for Visually Impaired (Third Place)
    Team: Nicholas Fantasia, Jack Leightcap, Alex Marley, Nicholas Mullikin , Connor Northway
    Advisor: Professor Waleed Meleis

  • Project Title: The Flying Fisherman (First Place)
    TeamPadraic Burns, Brayden Lung, Ryan Lung, Julian Braun, John Bonilla
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai

  • Project Title: Universal Power Converter (UPC) (First Place)
    TeamAnthony Cherubino, David Boullie, Jacob Landgrebe, Nicholas Hulsey, Soohan Kim
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: Drone Inspection in Virtual Reality (OVRLook) (Second Place)
    Team: Emily Belk, Jonathan Cohen, Ryan Milligan, Jan Ritzenhoff, and Jason Serpe
    Advisor: Professor Taskin Padir
  • Project Title: SmartyPill – Automatic Pill Dispensing: Chuck 2 (Second Place)
    Team: Matthew Swenson, Thomas Keith, Christian Kuss, Brock Fenbert, Thomas Doyle
    Advisor: Professor Charles Dimarzio
  • Project Title: SkinSweep (Third Place)
    Team: Josh Fish, Jake Howard, Reed Kellett, Oliver Vazquez, Alan Zhou
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai
  • Project Title: Autonomous Robot for Ultraviolet Sanitization (ARUS) (Third Place)
    Team: Evan Aguirre, Zialynn Anderson, Gavin Chandler, Matthew Downing, Arkin Mukherjee, Parth Parekh
    Advisor: Professor Bahram Shafai