ECE Graduate Internship and Co-op Program

Gain real-world professional experience as part of the academic program

Northeastern’s Electrical and Computer Engineering department is unique among ECE programs in providing our internationally-recognized co-op or internship program to our students. High-achieving Northeastern ECE master’s and PhD students are invited to take advantage of these opportunities.

Internships are available to ECE PhD students with approval of the student’s research advisor. The internship must be related to the student’s research topic, and provides the opportunity to further the student’s training and knowledge in an area central to advancement of the research.  An internship can be taken at any time during the year and need not be consistent with the Northeastern academic calendar.

Co-op work experience is available to all ECE graduate students (MS-Course Only, MS-Research, and PhD students). The co-op program is designed to provide a student with actual work experience in their field of study. Please review the eligibility and requirements to participate in the cooperative education program.


man standing sideways in front of white board with mathematical writing
PhD student Yifan Sun completed a co-op at Dell/EMC, and an internship at Advanced Micro Devices. During these assignments, he has made significant contributions, resulting in collaborative research articles and multiple patent applications. He received a full time job offer upon graduation.