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Benyamin Davaji

Benyamin Davaji

Assistant Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Integrated microsystems, data-guided design and nanofabrication, ultrasound microsystems for sensing and computation, and MEMS calorimetry for microbiology and biosensor development

Anthony Devaney

COE Distinguished Professor Emeritus, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Electromagnetic wave propagation, inverse scattering tomography

Charles DiMarzio

Associate Professor, 
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Optics, microscopy, coherent detection, interaction of light and sound waves, hyperspectral imaging, diffusive optical tomography multi-model imaging and remote sensing. Activities include computer modeling, designing, building, and testing of hardware, and processing the resulting data

John DiSessa

Student Services & Data Manager, 
Cooperative Education

Kristen Dorsey

Kris Dorsey

Associate Professor, 
jointly appointed in Electrical and Computer Engineering & Physical Therapy, Movement and Rehabilitation Sciences

Soft robotics, wearable devices, active and multifunctional materials, flexible electronics

Jennifer Dy

Electrical and Computer Engineering

Machine learning; data mining; statistical pattern recognition; computer vision and image processing