2021 COE Co-op Awardees

The COE Departmental Co-op Team was proud to mark the 8th Annual COE Co-op Awards virtually with our recipients this year. These awards celebrate the exemplary work of a select group of undergraduate and graduate students who have shown great promise and intellectual fortitude throughout their co-op experience.

This year’s recipients are:

Julia Spada, Bioengineering
1st Co-op: Hologic Inc., Marlborough, MA
2nd Co-op: Pro-Dex Inc., Irvine, CA
3rd Co-op: Sonos Inc., Boston, MA
Kerry Eller, Bioengineering
1st Co-op: C+ Research Center in Technologies For Society, Santiago, Chile
2nd Co-op: Distal Solutions, Westborough, MA
Na Yoon Kim, Chemical Engineering/Biochemistry
1st Co-op: Tufts Medical Center, Boston, MA
2nd Co-op: CaNCURE, Boston, MA
3rd Co-op: MIT Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research, Cambridge, MA
Anna Fox, Chemical Engineering
1st Co-op: Selecta Biosciences, Inc., Watertown, MA
2nd Co-op: Rogers Corporation, Burlington, MA
3rd Co-op: PM Group, LLC., Burlington, MA
Oscar Yubi, Civil Engineering
1st Co-op: Suffolk, Boston, MA
2nd Co-op: Nitsch Engineering, Boston, MA
Jiarong Chen, Civil Engineering
Graduate Co-op: Gill Engineering, Needham, MA
Elise Papazian, Environmental Engineering
1st Co-op: The Morin-Cameron Group, Danvers, MA
2nd Co-op: Optimum Energy, Yerevan, Armenia
3rd Co-op: BlueWave Solar, Boston, MA
Elena Silva, Computer Engineering/Computer Science
1st Co-op: Mayflower Communications, Bedford, MA
2nd Co-op: NextDroid, Boston, MA
3rd Co-op: WHOOP, Boston, MA
Karl Swanson, Computer Engineering/Computer Science
1st Co-op: iRobot, Bedford, MA
2nd Co-op: Square Robot, Boston, MA
3rd Co-op: Amazon Robotics, North Reading, MA
Fizzah Shaikh, Computer Engineering
1st Co-op: SOPAT, Berlin, Germany
2nd Co-op: Tesla, Palo Alto, CA
3rd Co-op: Apple, Cupertino, CA
Alena Porter, Electrical and Computer Engineering
1st Co-op: Confer Health, Charlestown, MA
2nd Co-op: Accion System, Charlestown, MA
3rd Co-op: Apple, Cupertino, CA
Ailin Shen, Data Analytics Engineering
Graduate Co-op: Epion Health Inc., Andover, MA
Kaushik Telgaonkar, Energy Systems
Graduate Co-op: Castillo Engineering Services, Maitland, FL
Noah Switek, Industrial Engineering
1st Co-op: Wayfair, Boston, MA
2nd Co-op: Walt Disney World, Orlando, FL
3rd Co-op: Takeoff Technologies, Waltham, MA
Olivia Truslow, Mechanical Engineering
1st Co-op: Amphenol PCD, Beverly, MA
2nd Co-op: FLIR Unmanned Ground Systems, Chelmsford, MA
Gavin Anderson, Mechanical Engineering
1st Co-op: Portal Instruments, Cambridge, MA
2nd Co-op: NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory, Pasadena, CA
3rd Co-op: Zipline International, San Francisco, CA
Maya Eisler, Mechanical Engineering
1st Co-op: NxStage Medical, Lawrence, MA
2nd Co-op: Via Separations, Somerville, MA
3rd Co-op: Neptune Medical, Burlingame, CA
Noa Reisner-Stehman, Mechanical Engineering
1st Co-op: Nova Biomedical Corporation, Waltham, MA
2nd Co-op: The Charles Stark Draper Laboratory, Cambridge, MA
3rd Co-op: Starry Inc., Boston, MA

Related Departments:Bioengineering, Chemical Engineering, Civil & Environmental Engineering, Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering