2023 GEM PhD Engineering Fellowships

Eric Cardoza, Melanie Edmund, and Benoni Vainqueur were selected to receive Graduate Education for Minorities (GEM) PhD Engineering Fellowships, which offer master of science and PhD level students an outstanding opportunity and access to dozens of the top engineering and science firms and universities in the nation. The fellowship was designed to focus on promoting opportunities for individuals to enter industry at the graduate level in areas such as research and development, product development, and other high-level technical careers.

Eric Cardoza, E’23, mechanical engineering major

Cardoza’s love for cars is what drives his passion for engineering. The son of a diesel mechanic, he is a fourth-year mechanical engineering graduate student and has focused his studies and co-op work at Northeastern on automotive mechanics. Recently, he completed a mechanical engineering co-op with Indigo Technologies, where he contributed to the development of a new class of electric, light-utility vehicles intended to innovate the rideshare and delivery industries. He also designed and released over 100 parts using sheet metal, weldment, machining, and 3D printing design standards. He undertook a mechanical engineering co-op with Berkshire Grey, developing automated sorting devices for global retailers and designing products intended to bolster operator safety. His ultimate goal is to utilize his education and automotive experience to bring electric vehicles to the world that redefine performance and efficiency.

Melanie Edmund, E’23, industrial engineering major

Edmund is passionate about planning. The fifth-year graduate student in industrial engineering brings this into her studies and work in operations and manufacturing engineering. During her time at Northeastern, she has completed co-ops with organizations such as WHOOP, a wearable fitness-tracking wearable and app, and energy companies Sense and Dalkia Energy Solutions. In each of these roles, she improved her project coordination skills and engaged with diverse supply chains and manufacturing environments. She is a member of the National Society of Black Engineers and has served as the communications chair for the Black Engineering Student Society at Northeastern. She has also worked as a scheduling assistant at Northeastern, where she assisted more than 400 student groups with scheduling on-campus venues and efficiently resolving scheduling conflicts.

Benoni Vainqueur, E’23, computer engineering and computer science major

Vainqueur is a talented and experienced technician, web developer, and aspiring computer engineer/scientist. In his fourth year as a computer engineering student at Northeastern, his work focuses on object-oriented programming, cyber infrastructure, and robotics. He has put his skills into practice most recently as a software/firmware engineering co-op with Microsoft, working to implement diverse machine learning elements across several distinct firmware platforms. He has also worked as a software automation engineer with Amazon Global Robotics, developing coding and applications for Amazon fulfillment centers worldwide. Vainqueur exhibited his creative side as a web developer at DRMWX Creative, where he created eye-catching and functional digital design concepts for corporate websites and branding and identity campaigns. At Northeastern, he has acted as both a teaching assistant and peer advisor within the College of Engineering.

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering, Mechanical & Industrial Engineering