Abur Receives DOE Solar Energy Technology Office 2020 Award

ECE Professor Ali Abur was awarded a $750K DOE grant from the Solar Energy Technologies Office for “Graph-Learning-Assisted State and Event Tracking for Solar-Penetrated Power Grids with Heterogeneous Data Sources.”

The project uses artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques to integrate electric data and use it to calculate the state of the electric network. The resulting tool will be able to detect connectivity changes and faults in the grid and update grid models accordingly, which will improve the situational awareness of power grids with large amounts of solar energy by exploiting a large volume of data and measurements available from a highly diverse set of sources. The project will also provide tools to detect and identify network topology changes due to unexpected disturbances or switching events by exploiting the recently developed sparse estimation methods in the data analytics area.

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering