Celebrating Affinity Student Groups at the 18th Annual Joint Recognition Banquet

Students, faculty, staff, alumni, and corporate partners were recognized for their commitments to several COE affinity student groups at the 18th Annual Joint Recognition Banquet. The groups represented included SHPE, SWE, BESS, SASE, and DICE.

Students and staff from several student groups gathered April 20 at the John D. O’Bryant African American Institute for the 18th Annual Joint Recognition Banquet. Representatives from the Society for Hispanic Professional Engineers, or SHPE, the Society of Women Engineers, or SWE, the Black Engineering Student Society, or BESS, the Society of Asian Scientists and Engineers, or SASE, and Disability Inclusion in the College of Engineering, or DICE, presented awards to faculty, staff, and alumni. Prior to the ceremony, opening statements were given by the night’s emcee, Tobias Roberts, E’26, civil engineering. Guests then networked over dinner, sharing experiences from the different groups and enjoying the celebration.

The ceremony began by highlighting the four main pillars of the five groups present: academia, professionalism, service, and diversity. Representatives from SHPE, SWE, BESS, SASE, and DICE all spoke about what events and programs they had coordinated to fulfill these pillars. These events included panels, mixers, workshops, networking nights, study sessions, and more.

Award presentations commenced with faculty awards for SWE, DICE, and SHPE and staff awards for BESS and SASE. Current student members presented these awards, showcasing the bonds between students, faculty, and staff that these groups have forged. Students then presented alumni awards to former members of SHPE, SASE, and SWE. Finally, members of SASE, SHPE, SWE, and BESS presented corporate awards to companies that have helped make their programs possible. The recipients of each award are listed below.

Faculty Awards:

  • MIE Teaching Professor Beverly Kris Jaeger-Helton (SWE)
  • BioE Associate Professor Chiara Bellini (SWE)
  • BioE Assistant Professor Mona Minkara (DICE)
  • MIE Teaching Professor Bridget Smyser (DICE)
  • ECE/MIE Professor Jose Martinez-Lorenzo (SHPE)
  • FYE Assistant Teaching Professor Andrew Gillen (SWE, DICE, SHPE, BESS, SASE)

Staff Awards:

  • Henoss Taddesse, Assistant Director of Program Operations, Student Activities at Northeastern University (BESS)
  • Shiloh Carroll, Student Engagement Specialist, Student Activities at Northeastern University (SASE)

Alumni Awards:

  • Katerina Rincones, E’23, Bioengineering (SHPE)
  • Alan Zhang, E’24, Chemical Engineering and Biochemistry (SASE)
  • Lisa Pepdjonovic, E’22, Chemical Engineering (SWE)
  • Rachel Graham, E’23, Civil Engineering (SWE)

Corporate Awards:

  • Proctor & Gamble (SASE)
  • Lutron (SASE, BESS)
  • Electric Hydrogen (SHPE)
  • GE Aerospace (SHPE)
  • Insulet (SWE)
  • Whoop (SWE)

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