Enhancing Face Recognition with Frontal Face Synthesis

raymond fu

ECE/Khoury Professor Yun Raymond Fu was awarded a patent for “Frontal face synthesis from low-resolution images.”

Abstract Source: USPTO

An apparatus and corresponding method for frontal face synthesis. The apparatus comprises a decoder that synthesizes a high-resolution (HR) frontal-view (FV) image of a face from received features of a low-resolution (LR) non-frontal-view (NFV) image of the face. The HR FV image is of a higher resolution relative to a lower resolution of the LR NFV image. The decoder includes a main path and an auxiliary path. The auxiliary path produces auxiliary-path features from the received features and feeds the auxiliary-path features produced into the main path for synthesizing the HR FV image. The auxiliary-path features represent a HR NFV image of the face at the higher resolution. As such, an HR identity-preserved frontal face can be synthesized from one or many LR faces with various poses and may be used in types of commercial applications, such as video surveillance.

Related Faculty: Yun Raymond Fu

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering