Han Wins CNERT Workshop Best Paper Award

Computer engineering student Zhaoyang Han, PhD’24, who is advised by ECE Professor Miriam Leeser, won the Computer and Networking Experimental Research using Testbeds (CNERT) Workshop Best Paper Award for their paper on “A Framework to Enable Runtime Programmable P4-enabled FPGAs in the Open Cloud Testbed” at the IEEE International Conference on Computer Communications.


This paper presents a framework for cloud users who wish to specify their experiments in the P4 language and map them to FPGAs in the Open Cloud Testbed (OCT). OCT consists of P4-enabled FPGA nodes that are directly connected to the network via 100 gigabit ethernet connections, and which support runtime reconfiguration. Cloud users can quickly prototype and deploy their P4 applications through our framework, which provides the necessary infrastructure including a network interface shell for the P4 logic. We have provided several examples using this framework that demonstrate designs running at the 100 GbE line rate with the support of runtime reconfiguration for P4 functions. By combining an existing network interface shell and P4 toolchain on FPGAs, we offer a framework that enables users to rapidly execute their P4 experiments in real time on FPGAs.

Related Departments:Electrical & Computer Engineering