Generate is Northeastern’s Student-Led Product Development studio. Our project teams build innovative products for industry clients, gaining diverse Hardware and Software development experience.

Since our founding in 2017, we have built a tight-knit, growing organization of over 170 students each semester. Our portfolio includes 62 hardware and 29 software products, and counting!

Not only do students learn by building products, Generate hosts workshops and speaker events, for students to learn technical skills, implement problem-solving approaches, and gain real-world context for the work they are doing.

Generate has 3 different ways to get engaged in our work:

  1. Clients
    Students, alumni, and more can become clients of Generate! Simply come to us with your idea for a product, and we’ll help you build it! We take on about 9 clients every semester, working to meet their vision and advance their ventures.
    Note: Clients can be located anywhere in Northeastern’s Global University System, and do not need to be based in Boston!
  1. Members
    Join an innovative team dedicated to designing and building products for our clients! In addition to our engineering teams, we also have teams focused on Operations & Engagement, helping our organization continue to grow and have fun while doing so!
  1. Non-Members
    Can’t become a member, but want to gain skills and experience? Come to some of our workshops! We host a number of fun and engaging technical workshops throughout the semester, all of which are posted on our Instagram (@generatenu). Feel free to stop on by!

Building the best products is central to building the best start-ups and we are to here to support that at Northeastern University. We strive to be the go-to resource for all things product at Northeastern.