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Nov 01, 2018

Dell EMC Co-op Leads to Patent

PhD Computer Engineering student Yifan Sun has been awarded a US patent while completing his co-op at EMC. This patent is 1 of 5 patent applications that have been submitted by Dell EMC listing Sun as a co-inventor.  Yifan Sun is a member of the Northeastern University Computer Architecture Laboratory. A student went off to […]

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Sep 26, 2018

Co-ops Lead to Start Ups

Alisa Jin, BS Electrical and Computer Engineering, helped to build a drone that flies like a kite. Alex Dye, BS Mechanical Engineering 2020, helped to design the prototype of a robot that injects medicine into the eyes of patients with severe vision problems. They are both Northeastern students, and they say that working on co-op […]

Electrical & Computer Engineering

Sep 20, 2018

Co-op Leads to Dream Job

Nicolas Binford, BS Computer Engineering 2018, landed his dream job one month after he graduated from Northeastern in May—and he credited his co-op experience with helping him get it. Binford works at Avira, a software security company, where he helps to recruit clients and write software for them. “One of the first things my manager […]

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Sep 18, 2018

Undergraduate Lab Fair Opens Up Possibilities

Starting at the Undergraduate Research Fair where autonomous rovers caught his eye, James found his passion in robotics, spending the next several years conducting research at the Robotics and Intelligent Vehicles Research Lab.

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Aug 23, 2018

Try New Things and Make the Most Out of Your Experience

Written by Nicolas Binford, BS Computer Engineering, 2018. He was able to turn his experiences while on co-op in Germany into a full-time job with the company. My Experience Throughout my time in college, I often felt less technically inclined than many of my Computer Engineering peers. While many of them saw computer hardware and software […]

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Aug 07, 2018

Bringing Solar Power to Tanzania While Dealing with a Whole New Culture

Erin acknowledges that she initially felt anxious about her first global co-op, working for a company that brings solar power to Tanzania, but ultimately she flourished at Sikubora Limited.

Electrical & Computer Engineering

student in red shirt working on robot

Jul 18, 2018

RoboCup@Home Competition

Written by Anas Abou Allaban, a fourth year BS Electrical & Computer Engineering student. About me Anas Abou Allaban is a fourth year Electrical & Computer Engineering student with a minor in Mathematics. Originally from Syria, however, born and raised in Cambridge, MA. He has completed a co-op at iRobot as Lead SEIT Intern and […]

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group of students in front of Intel headquarters

Jul 11, 2018

Technical Innovation and Product Prototyping in Silicon Valley

Written by Anja Deric, a second year BS in electrical engineering student. About me Anja Deric is a second year student pursuing a BS in electrical engineering. She is a member of the Science Squad, the Husky Volunteer Team, and a peer mentor for Cornerstone of Engineering. She is also the Honors Living Learning Assistant […]

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