Electric Racing at Northeastern University

Northeastern Electric Racing (NER) is an undergraduate student organization that designs, builds, and tests an all-electric Formula One-style race car from scratch. NER competes in the Formula Hybrid + Electric competition, an international engineering competition that is part of the SAE Collegiate Design Series. NER won 1st place in the electric vehicle class for the 2021 Formula Hybrid + Electric competition.

The club gives students an opportunity to learn engineering skills like Computer Aided Design (CAD), electrical circuit design, and machining. The club also encourages students to explore other skills like project management, marketing, finance, and software development through the club’s business team.

Recent News Stories

Northeastern Electric Racing Team Builds Car to Compete

Despite its rookie status, the NU electric racing student club has grown significantly in recent years and has done well in electric racing competitions with the car it has built from the ground up.

Northeastern Electric Racing (NER) Wins First Place in the Formula Hybrid+Electric Competition

Northeastern Electric Racing (NER) student organization won first place in the Formula Hybrid+Electric competition all-electric vehicle class.